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Spacial Heating

  • Thermal (solar) under floor heating

  • Integrated wood pellet stoves

  • Hybrid pellet fire places

  • Solar swimming pool heating

Fire Places

  • Less than R0.55/kwh
  • High efficiency
  • 3 year Guarantee
  • Less Co emissions
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  • Less than R0.55/kwh
  • High efficiency
  • 3 year Guarantee
  • Less Co emissions

Coming soon.

Integrated Wood fire places

The new aquatic range of integrated wooden fire places are water conducting fireplaces and available in various sizes and models.

The combination of cast iron, fire-proof sheet-steel

and storage plates offers quality of design for the highest standards.

The fireclay and carbon interior ensures that wood is burnt completely and helps makes cleaning the fireplace quick and easy.

Applications include spacial heating, domestic water heating* and as a primary or additional heat source for water based heating such as underfloor heating or radiators.  Is used in combination with a hygiene or multi-purpose storage tank.

wood fire place

Thermal Under Floor heating is recommended for new builds, or when renovating your home.   It is designed for larger solar hot water heating systems normally with a vertical storage tank in sizes of between 300L and 1000L tank, which serves as a buffer (or storage) tank and this in turn supplies the user with heat for different applications, including the spacial heating requirements for the thermal under floor heating pipe system.  In the house of the future the user could have under floor heating, a Jacuzzi, wall mounted radiators and even hot domestic water supplied from one source. The heat for these applications will be supplied directly from the solar water heating collectors to the buffer tank, and from this buffer tank via external heat exchanger to the different applications.  If it is a multi-functional hygiene storage tank, the water in the tank does not come into contact with the fresh hot water. All these functions are managed by TASOL smart controllers as well as system monitoring and energy verification.


One can expect to pay a lot less for electricity to heat the rooms where the under floor heating was installed, compared to conventional electrical under floor heating, as use is made of natural resources (the sun) and energy efficient products, such as the heat pumps.

Naturally these applications are suitable for hospitals, schools, hotels and other large consumers of hot water, but also for big households. This type of configuration requires an energy room where all the tanks, heat exchangers and controllers can be housed so as to minimize environmental losses and thus increase system efficiency.  A back-up heating source for this application is normally a heat pump, which uses a ¼ of the energy which a normal electrical element would use as a back-up, thus resulting in even more savings during high demand or rainy weather conditions.

A comprehensive energy solution can only be achieved by proper planning and consultation with experts that have a good track record in designing. At TASOL recognized software programs are used to assist in proper sizing and designing for optimum system performance.  

The under floor piping system carries a 20 year products guarantee.

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